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I first discovered Cedar Key almost 35 years ago when I came up to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida.  Since the late 1960's I've seen the community change in many ways.  But the true essence of what defines Cedar Key has remained timeless.  I've spent hundreds of hours over the years eating at its restaurants, shopping its stores, people watching on the dock, exploring the oldest tombstones in its cemetery, and walking the island from one end to the other.  I've taken thousands of photographs during my countless weekend getaways and my fascination with the town and enjoyment of its charms remains undiminished.  Cedar Key is always the first place I take my out-of-town guests.  This website is my personal homage to Cedar Key and its people.  It will take  you to hundreds of links which explore its rich history, ecosystem, and small town pleasures.  You'll also come across many other people who have discovered the town and left as big fans.  Use this website to plan your next getaway to Cedar Key, research the town's origins, find books, magazines, videos, nautical collectibles, travel guides, local art, and make dinner plans at one of the town's fine restaurants.  You may even learn the recipe for Heart of Palm salad dressing.  All the tools you need are right here.

Click here to read about the "Birdman of Cedar Key"

If you have any questions or recommendations for or about the site please e-mail me at info@cedarkey.net.

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